Operations with panes

How to expand/minimize panes

By default, the Navigation pane appears expanded and the Actions and Tools – minimized. You might need to minimize the pane in order to free some additional workspace. To do this, click the chevron (Acronis Backup & Recovery 3293 Operations with panes – for the Navigation pane; Acronis Backup & Recovery 3292 Operations with panes – for the Actions and tools pane). The pane will be minimized and the chevron changes its direction. Click the chevron once again to expand the pane.

How to change the panes’ borders

  1. Point to the pane’s border.
  2. When the pointer becomes a double-headed arrow, drag the pointer to move the border.

The management console “remembers” the way the panes’ borders are set. When you run the management console next time, all the panes’ borders will have the same position that was set previously.

Operations with panes