Console mode in Linux

Console is a natural part of Linux OS. Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 supports it through the trueimagecmd command line tool. It provides a way to initiate data backup and recovery operations. trueimagecmd also enables you to automate backup with the cron’ service.

The trueimagecmd functionality is somewhat limited as compared to the GUI mode. trueimagecmd does not support operations that require:

  • reboot of the system, such as restore a system partition or clone system drive.
  • a user interaction, such as inserting second media like CD, DVD, or tape when the first one is full. Likewise, if there is no media inserted in the drive at all, the operation fails.

Therefore, under complex conditions, we recommend that you use the more powerful acronis_console operating mode under X Window System.

Another useful tool, trueimagemnt, allows you to extract files or directories from images by mounting images as if they were Linux kernel block devices. See also man trueimagecmd or man trueimagemnt.

These utilities are also available when operating under the Linux-based bootable media.

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Console mode in Linux