Action pages

An action page appears in the main area when clicking any action item in the Actions menu, or in the Actions bar on the Actions and tools pane. It contains steps you need to perform in order to create and launch any task, or a backup plan, or backup policy.

Acronis Backup & Recovery 3289 Action pages
Action page – Create backup plan

  Using controls and specifying settings  

The action pages offer two ways of representation: basic and advanced. The basic representation hides such fields as credentials, comments, etc. When the advanced representation is enabled, all the available fields are displayed. You can switch between the views by selecting the Advanced view check box at the top of the action page.

Most settings are configured by clicking the respective Change… links to the right. Others are selected from the drop-down list, or typed manually in the page’s fields.

Acronis Backup & Recovery 3290 Action pages
Action page – Controls

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 remembers the changes you made on the action pages. For example, if you started to create a backup plan, and then for any reason switched to another view without accomplishing the plan creation, you can click the Back navigation button on the menu. Or, if you have passed several steps forward, click the Down arrow and select the page where you started the plan creation from the list. Thus, you can perform the remaining steps and accomplish the backup plan creation.

Acronis Backup & Recovery 6014 Action pages
Navigation buttons

Action pages