Using the management console

As soon as the console connects to a managed machine or to a management server, the respective items appear across the console’s workspace (in the menu, in the main area with the Welcome screen, the Navigation pane, the Actions and tools pane) enabling you to perform agent-specific or server-specific operations.

Acronis Backup & Recovery 1655 Using the management console
Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Management Console – Welcome screen

  Key elements of the console workspace  




Acronis Backup & Recovery 1656 Using the management console

Navigation pane

Contains the Navigation tree and the Shortcuts bar and lets you navigate to the different views (see the Navigation pane section.)

Acronis Backup & Recovery 1657 Using the management console

Actions and tools pane

Contains bars with a set of actions that can be performed and tools (see the Actions and Tools pane section).

Acronis Backup & Recovery 1658 Using the management console

Main area

The main place of working, where you create, edit and manage backup plans, policies, tasks and perform other operations. Displays the different views and action pages depending on items selected in the menu, Navigation tree, or on the Actions and Tools pane.

Acronis Backup & Recovery 1659 Using the management console

Menu bar

Appears across the top of the program window and lets you perform all the operations, available on both panes. Menu items change dynamically.

1024×768 or higher display resolution is required for comfortable work with the management console.

In this section

“Navigation” pane

“Actions and tools” pane

Operations with panes

Main area, views and action pages

Using the management console