Actions on personal vaults

To perform any operation (except for creation) with a vault, you must select it first.

All the operations described below are performed by clicking the corresponding buttons on the toolbar. These operations can be also accessed from the [Vault name] actions bar (on the Actions and Tools pane) and from the [Vault name] actions item of the main menu respectively.

The following is a guideline for you to perform operations with personal vaults.



Create a personal vault

Click Acronis Backup & Recovery 1685 Actions on personal vaults Create.

The procedure of creating personal vaults is described in-depth in the Creating a personal vault section.

Edit a vault

  1. Select the vault.
  2. Click Acronis Backup & Recovery 1700 Actions on personal vaults Edit.

The Edit personal vault page lets you edit the vault’s name and information in the Comments field.

Change user account for accessing a vault

Click Change user.

In the appearing dialog box, provide the credentials required for accessing the vault.

Create Acronis Secure Zone

Click Acronis Backup & Recovery 2864 Actions on personal vaults Create Acronis Secure Zone.

The procedure of creating the Acronis Secure Zone is described in-depth in the Creating Acronis Secure Zone section.

Explore a vault’s content

Click Acronis Backup & Recovery 1701 Actions on personal vaults Explore.

In the appearing Explorer window, examine the selected vault’s content.

Validate a vault

Click Acronis Backup & Recovery 2782 Actions on personal vaults Validate.

You will be taken to the Validation page, where this vault is already pre-selected as a source. The vault validation checks all the archives stored in the vault.

Delete a vault

Click Acronis Backup & Recovery 1720 Actions on personal vaults Delete.

The deleting operation actually removes only a shortcut to the folder from the Vaults view. The folder itself remains untouched. You have the option to keep or delete archives contained in the folder.

Refresh vault table information

Click Acronis Backup & Recovery 2426 Actions on personal vaults Refresh.

While you are reviewing the vault content, archives can be added to the vault, deleted or modified. Click Refresh to update the vault information with the most recent changes.

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