Filtering and sorting archives

The following is a guideline for you to filter and sort archives in the archives table.



Sort backup archives by any column

Click the column’s header to sort the archives in ascending order.

Click it once again to sort the archives in descending order.

Filter archives by name, owner, or machine.

In the field below the corresponding column’s header, type the archive name (the owner name, or the machine name).

As a result, you will see the list of the archives, whose names (owner names, or machine names) fully or just partly coincide with the entered value.

  Configuring the archives table  

By default, the table has seven columns that are displayed, others are hidden. If required, you can hide the displayed columns and show hidden ones.

To show or hide columns

  1. Right-click any column header to open the context menu. The menu items that are ticked off correspond to the column headers presented in the table.
  2. Click the items you want to be displayed/hidden.

Filtering and sorting archives