Deleting archives and backups

The Backups deletion window displays the same tab as for the vaults view, but with check boxes for each archive and backup. The archive or backup you have chosen to delete has the check mark. Review the archive or backup that you have selected to delete. If you need to delete other archives and backups select the respective check boxes, then click Delete selected and confirm the deletion.

The filters in this window are from the archives list of the vault view. Thus, if some filters have been applied to the archives list, only the archives and backups corresponding to these filters are displayed here. To see all content, clean all the filter fields.

  What happens if I delete a backup that is a base of an incremental or differential backup?  

To preserve archive consistency, the program will consolidate the two backups. For example, you delete a full backup but retain the next incremental one. The backups will be combined into a single full backup which will be dated the incremental backup date. When you delete an incremental or differential backup from the middle of the chain, the resulting backup type will be incremental.

Please be aware that consolidation is just a method of deletion but not an alternative to deletion. The resulting backup will not contain data that was present in the deleted backup and was absent from the retained incremental or differential backup.

There should be enough space in the vault for temporary files created during consolidation. Backups resulting from consolidation always have maximum compression.

Deleting archives and backups