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  • What if I have to move tapes with backups from one tape library to another?
    1. If both tape libraries are attached to the same machine with Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Storage Node installed (i.e. the libraries are managed by the same storage node), the storage node database has all the required information about the content of the moved tapes. So all you need to do is to perform the inventory procedure for the managed vault on the library where the tapes were placed to.
    2. If you move tapes to a tape library managed by another storage node, you should rescan each relocated tape to provide the storage node with information about backups contained on the tape.
  • What if I need to use a tape from the tape library in the local tape device and vice versa?

    Acronis agents create backups on tapes in a format that differs from the format used by the storage node. It is the reason why it is impossible to interchange tapes between tape devices attached to a storage node and attached to a managed machine: a tape written by a storage node cannot be read by an agent in a locally attached tape device. However the storage node can read tapes written by an agent. Please refer to the tape compatibility table to get comprehensive information about the compatibility of tape formats in Acronis Backup & Recovery 10.

  • What if I have to reinstall the storage node or attach the tape library to another machine?

    Install a storage node on the machine the tape library is attached to, create a centralized vault on the tape library, and then rescan each tape containing backups.

  • What if I have lost my storage node and need to recover data from a tape?

    If you know which tape has the data to recover, and you have a tape device with vault managed by a storage node, insert the tape cartridge into the device, go to the Centralized vaults view of the console, select the vault, rescan the tape, select the archive and the backup to recover data from, and create the recovery task.

    If you don’t know which tape has the data to recover, you have to rescan each tape until the data is found. Generally all the steps you need to do are the same as mentioned above, except the rescan has to be applied to a number of tapes instead one tape.

  • What if I need to recover data from an Echo tape?

    Use the table from the Tape compatibility table section to find out which Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 components can read data from your tape.

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