Case to analyze

Suppose you need to automate a tape rotation for the case if:

  • the full size of the data to protect is approximately 320 GB
  • the approximate size of daily changes of data is about 16 GB
  • the approximate size of weekly changes of data is no more than 40 GB
  • tape capacity is 400 GB.

Let’s analyze the results of a combination of GFS and ToH schemes with different tape options for the case.

All the below analyzed examples are a simplistic approach to a real case, but provide you with a general conception of backup distribution onto tapes.

  Legend for the case example figures  

Any daily/incremental backup (16 GB) is shown in the figures as a green rectangle: Acronis Backup & Recovery 1740 Case to analyze.

Weekly/differential backups (40 GB) are displayed as a blue rectangle: Acronis Backup & Recovery 1741 Case to analyze.

Any full monthly backup (320 GB) is drawn in orange:

Acronis Backup & Recovery 1742 Case to analyze.

A whole tape (400 GB) is drawn as a gray rectangle:

Acronis Backup & Recovery 1743 Case to analyze.

Case to analyze