Tape rotation

If all backups are deleted from a tape, i.e. if information about the last backup on the tape is deleted from the storage node database, the tape is considered as empty and can be reused during a backup cycle. The same tape rotation enables you to get by with the minimum number of cartridges and not to be buried in used tapes.

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 enables you to achieve full automation of tape rotation while backing up onto tape libraries.

This section provides you with useful information to choose a backup scheme and tape options for tape rotation.

To calculate the number of tapes required for tape rotation schemes, you can use the method described in the Tape planning section.

In this section

Choosing a backup scheme

Criteria of the choice

Case to analyze

Using the Grandfather-Father-Son tape rotation scheme

Using the Tower of Hanoi tape rotation scheme

Tape planning

Tape rotation