A storage node needs information about a tape in its own database to be able to operate with the tape. So after the vault is created, generally the next step is to inventory tapes.

Inventorying is a procedure that allows the storage node recognize tapes that are currently loaded into the tape library slots. It is relatively fast and normally requires reading the cartridge barcodes without reading the tape data. If a barcode cannot be read, the tape will be mounted to read its GUID identifier only.

The Inventory procedure can be run manually by a user or automatically, when access to recently added tapes is required.

To launch the procedure select the tape library vault in the Navigation pane of the console, click Manage tapes and then click Start inventory on the Tape Management window.

When inventorying is completed a user has the list of tapes currently loaded into the library.

Perform the procedure every time you load new tapes into tape library slots.