Actions on a tape library vault

If a tape library vault is selected on the Navigation pane of the console, the Centralized vaults page toolbar will contain the following two actions that are used for tape libraries only:

  • Manage tapes displays the Tape Management window allowing you to refresh information on the library slots, inventory tapes in the slots, and define labels for the tapes. If you have a new label assigned to the tape, the action enables you to eject the tape temporarily to make the same label outside the cartridge.
  • Rescan tapes displays the Tape Rescanning window, which is useful for selecting slots and launching the Rescan procedure to read some special information on the content of the specified tapes.

Also the Edit, Delete, Validate, and Refresh functions are allowed on a tape library vault.

It should be noted, these functions have some specific features for a tape library. So the Edit operation enables you to substitute a tape library device without the Rescan operation. The Delete operation clears all the information on the selected tape library vault from the storage node database, i.e. the operation deletes the content data of all the tapes, when ever the data is used by the storage node on the tape library device.

At the Delete operation, the vault content will be deleted from the storage node database without accessing the tapes. The plans and tasks that use this vault will fail.

The backup archives, belonging to a deleting centralized vault on a tape library, will be deleted as well, but these archives might be recovered by any storage node through the Rescan operation.

Actions on a tape library vault