Backing up to tape library

At creating a backup policy/plan with a tape library destination, you set up the backing up in the same way as with other storage devices. The only difference is the additional Tape support options that can be set up during the backup policy/plan creation. These options enable you to specify how the created backup policy/plan should use tapes from the tape library, however the options’ presets increase usage efficiency of both whole tape library and each tape.

To view and change the tape options, select Options > Default backup and recovery options > Default backup options > Tape support from the top menu.

To change the settings of the backup policy/plan to be created click Change… in the Backup options section on the Create backup policy/plan page. It opens the Backup options window where the Tape support page is contained with the pre-defined values.

When backing up to a tape and the end of the tape is reached, a free tape will be mounted automatically and the operation will continue onto the new tape.

While a backup task is running, the following tape-specific information is accessible from the console:

  • number of tapes currently used by the backup operation
  • labels of the tapes used by the task up to the current time in case of backup splitting
  • label of the tape that is currently written.

Backing up to tape library