Vault path

To specify the path where the managed vault will be created

  1. Enter the full path to the folder in the Path field or select the desired folder in the folders tree. Managed vaults can be organized:
    • on the hard drives local to the storage node
    • on a network share
    • on a Storage Area Network (SAN)
    • on a Network Attached Storage (NAS)
    • on a tape library locally attached to the storage node.

    To create a new folder for the vault in the selected location, click Acronis Backup & Recovery 2856 Vault path Create folder.

  2. Click OK.

A vault can be created in an empty folder only.

We do not recommend creating a deduplicating managed vault on a FAT32 volume. The reason is that such vault stores all deduplicated items in two potentially large files. Because the maximum file size in the FAT file systems is limited to 4 GB, the storage node may stop working when this limit is reached.

The folder permissions must allow the user account under which the storage node’s service is running (by default, ASN User) to write to the folder. When assigning permissions, specify the user account explicitly (not just Everyone).

Vault path