Vault database path

To specify the path where the vault’s database will be created

  1. In the Local folders of the storage node, select the desired folder or enter the full path to the folder in the Path field.

    To create a new folder for the database, click Acronis Backup & Recovery 2856 Vault database path Create folder.

  2. Click OK.

When choosing a folder for the vault’s database, follow these considerations:

  • The folder must reside on a fixed drive. Please do not try to place the database on external detachable drives.
  • The folder size may become large—one estimate is 200 GB per 8 TB of used space, or about 2.5 percent.
  • The folder permissions must allow the user account under which the storage node’s service is running (by default, ASN User) to write to the folder. When assigning permissions, specify the user account explicitly (not just Everyone).

Vault database path