Creating a managed centralized vault

To create a managed centralized vault, perform the following steps



Specify a unique name for the vault. Creation of two centralized vaults with the same name is prohibited.


[Optional] Enter the distinctive description of the vault being created.


Select the Managed type.

Storage node

Select the Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Storage Node that will manage the vault. You may need to enter access credentials for the storage node.


Specify where the vault will be created. Managed centralized vaults can reside on a network share, SAN, NAS, or on a hard drive local to the storage node.

Database path

Specify a local folder on the storage server to create a vault-specific database. This database will store the metadata required for cataloguing the archives and performing deduplication.


[Optional] Select whether to enable archive deduplication in the vault. Deduplication minimizes storage space taken by the archives and backup traffic. It reduces the size of archives in the vault by eliminating redundant data such as duplicate files or disk blocks.

Deduplication is not possible on tape devices.

To learn more about how deduplication works, see the Deduplication section.


[Optional] Select whether to compress the deduplication data stores. This setting is available only if deduplication is enabled.


[Optional] Select whether to protect the vault with encryption. Anything written to the vault will be encrypted and anything read from it will be decrypted transparently by the storage node, using a vault-specific encryption key stored on the storage node.

After you have performed all the required steps, click OK to commit creating the managed vault.

Creating a managed centralized vault