Attaching a managed vault

A vault managed by a storage node can be attached to another storage node. You might need to do so when retiring storage node hardware, when the storage node is lost or when balancing loads between storage nodes. As a result, the first node stops managing the vault. The second node scans archives in the vault, creates and fills up the database corresponding to the vault, and starts managing the vault.

When deleting a managed vault, you have the option to retain archives contained in the vault. The location resulting from such deletion can also be attached to the same or another storage node.

Personal or centralized unmanaged vaults cannot be attached.

To attach a managed vault to a storage node, perform the following steps.


Storage node

Select the Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Storage Node that will manage the vault.


Specify the path to the location where the archives are stored.

Database path

Specify a local folder on the storage server to create a vault-specific database. This database will store the metadata required for cataloguing the archives and performing deduplication.


For the vault that was encrypted, provide the encryption password.

After you have performed all the required steps, click OK to commit to attaching the vault. This procedure may last for quite a while since the storage node has to scan the archives, write the metadata in the database, and deduplicate the archives if the vault was originally deduplicating.

Attaching a managed vault