Privileges for local connection


Local connection on a machine running Windows can be established by any user who has the “Log on locally” user right on the machine.


Establishing a local connection on a machine running Linux, and managing such machine, requires the root privileges on it.

To establish a local connection as the root user

  1. If you are logged on as the root user, run the following command:


    Otherwise, run the following command:

    su -c /usr/sbin/acronis_console

  2. Click Manage this machine.

To allow a non-root user to start the console

  • As a root user, add the name of the non-root user whom you want to allow to start the console, to the file /etc/sudoers—for example, by using the visudo command.

Caution: As a result of this procedure, the non-root user will not only be allowed to start the console with the root privileges, but also may be able to perform other actions as the root user.

To establish a local connection as a non-root user

  1. Make sure that the root user has allowed you to start the console, as described in the previous procedure.
  2. Run the following command:

    sudo /usr/sbin/acronis_console

  3. Click Manage this machine.

Privileges for local connection