Operations with a machine

This section is a simplified illustration of what happens with the policies on a machine when the machine is moved, copied, or deleted from a group.

In the diagram below, the container stands for a group; the one-color circle stands for a machine with one applied policy; the two-color circle stands for a machine with two applied policies; the white circle stands for a machine with no policy applied.

1. Here is the initial state: two custom groups contain different machines. A policy is applied to one group; another policy is applied to another group. The next schemes illustrate results of the specified actions.

2. Move to another group: Machine #3 is moved from one group to another. The “orange” policy is revoked; the “blue” policy is applied to the machine.

3. Add to another group: Machine #3 is added to another group. It becomes a member of both groups. The “blue” policy is applied, but the “orange” policy remains on the machine.

4. Remove from the group: Machine #3 is removed from the group. The “orange” policy is revoked from the machine. The machine remains in the All machines group.

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Operations with a machine