Network port configuration

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 components use the 9876/TCP network communication port by default. The server listens to this port for incoming connection. This port is also used as default by the Acronis client. During component installation you might be asked to confirm the port opening or to open the port manually, in case you are using a firewall other than Windows Firewall.

After installation, you can change the ports at any time to match your preferable values or for the purpose of security. This operation requires the restart of Acronis Remote Agent (in Windows) or the Acronis_agent (in Linux) service.

After the port is changed on the server side, connect to the server using the <Server-IP>:<port> or the <Server-hostname>:<port> URL notation.

Note: If you use network address translation (NAT), you can also configure the port by setting up port mapping.

  Configuring the port in the operating system  


To be able to change the ports’ numbers, load and configure the Administrative Template, provided by Acronis, as described in Configuring communication settings, under “Remote Agent ports”.


Specify the port in the /etc/Acronis/Policies/Agent.config file. Restart the Acronis_agent daemon.

  Configuring the port in a bootable environment  

While creating Acronis bootable media, you have the option to pre-configure the network port that will be used by the Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Bootable Agent. The choice is available between:

  • The default port (9876)
  • The currently used port
  • New port (enter the port number)

If a port has not been pre-configured, the agent uses the default port number.

Network port configuration