Upon an Acronis Drive Monitor alert

This schedule is effective in Windows operating systems when Acronis® Drive Monitor™ is installed.

Acronis Drive Monitor reports on hard disk health by using the hard disk’s internal monitoring system (S.M.A.R.T.). Based on alerts from Acronis Drive Monitor, you can set up emergency backups of your data in addition to regular backups. The emergency backup will start when a hard disk with your data is about to fail.

The backup starts as soon as disk health reaches a warning level or a critical level. You can see the disk health indicator (as a percentage) for each disk by opening Acronis Drive Monitor.

Alerts about disk temperature do not start the backup.

Tip: If your backup plan uses the custom backup scheme, you can set up this emergency backup simply by adding an extra schedule to the same backup plan. When using a different backup scheme, you will need to create a separate backup plan.

Upon an Acronis Drive Monitor alert