Conditions add more flexibility to the scheduler, enabling to execute backup tasks with respect to certain conditions. Once a specified event occurs (see the “Scheduling” section for the list of available events), the scheduler checks the specified condition and executes the task if the condition is met.

The scheduler behavior in case the event occurs but the condition (or any of multiple conditions) is not met, is defined by the Task start conditions backup option. There, you can specify how important the conditions are for the backup strategy:

  • conditions are obligatory – put the backup task run on hold until all the conditions are met.
  • conditions are preferable, but a backup task run has higher priority – put the task on hold for the specified time interval. If the time interval lapses and the conditions are still not met, run the task anyway. With this setting, the program will automatically handle the situation when the conditions are not met for too long and further delaying the backup is undesirable.
  • backup task start time matters – skip the backup task if the conditions are not met at the time when the task should be started. Skipping the task run makes sense when you need to back up data strictly at the specified time, especially if the events are relatively often.

Conditions are available only when the custom backup scheme is used. You can set conditions for full, incremental and differential backup separately.

  Adding multiple conditions  

Multiple conditions must be met simultaneously to enable task execution.


It is required to run the backup task after free space on the managed machine is changed by at least 1 GB, but only if all users are logged off and more than 12 hours have passed since the last backup.

Set the schedule, conditions and the Task start conditions backup option as follows:

  • Schedule: When free space changed; Value: Run task if free space has changed by at least: 1 GB.
  • Condition: User logged off; Value: Run the task on schedule only if all users are logged off.
  • Condition: Time since last backup; Value: Time since the last backup: 12 hour(s).
  • Task start conditions: Wait until the conditions are met.

If the free space changes by more than 1 GB, the scheduler will wait until both conditions are met at the same time and then run the backup task.

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User is idle

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User logged off

Time since last backup