Log cleanup rules

This option specifies how to clean up the centralized event log stored in the management server’s reporting database.

This option defines the maximum size of the reporting database.

The preset is: Maximum log size: 1 GB. On cleanup, keep 95% of the maximum log size.

When the option is enabled, the program compares the actual log size with the maximum size after every 100 log entries. Once the maximum log size is exceeded, the program deletes the oldest log entries. You can select the amount of log entries to retain. The default 95% setting will keep most of the log. With the minimum 1% setting, the log will be nearly cleared.

Even if you remove the log size limit, logging events to an SQL Server Express database will stop after the log size reaches 4 GB, because SQL Express Edition has the 4 GB per database limit. Set the maximum log size to approximately 3.8 GB if you want to use the maximum capacity of the SQL Express database.

This parameter can also be set by using Acronis Administrative Template.

Log cleanup rules