Acronis WOL Proxy

This option works in combination with the Use Wake-On-LAN advanced scheduling setting. Use this option if the management server has to wake up for backup machines located in another subnet.

When the scheduled operation is about to start, the management server sends out magic packets to wake up the appropriate machines. (A magic packet is a packet that contains 16 contiguous copies of the receiving NIC’s MAC address). The Acronis WOL Proxy, installed in the other subnet, transfers the packets to machines located in that subnet.

The preset is: Disabled.

To bring this option into use:

  1. Install Acronis WOL Proxy on any server in the subnet where the machines to be woken are located. The server has to provide continuous services availability. With multiple subnets, install Acronis WOL Proxy in every subnet where you need to use the Wake-On-LAN functionality.
  2. Enable Acronis WOL Proxy in the Management server options as follows:
    1. Select the Use the following proxies check box.
    2. Click Add, and then enter the name or IP address of the machine where the Acronis WOL Proxy is installed. Provide access credentials for the machine.
    3. Repeat this step if there are several Acronis WOL Proxies.
  3. When scheduling a backup policy, enable the Use Wake-On-LAN setting.

You also have the ability to delete proxies from the list. Please keep in mind that any change to this option affects the entire management server. If you delete a proxy from the list, the Wake-On-LAN functionality in the corresponding subnet will be disabled for all policies, including the policies already applied.

Acronis WOL Proxy