Online backup proxy

This option is effective only for backup to and recovery from Acronis Online Backup Storage over the Internet.

This option defines whether the Acronis agent will connect to the Internet through a proxy server.

Note: Acronis Backup & Recovery Online supports only HTTP and HTTPS proxy servers.

To set up proxy server settings

  1. Select the Use a proxy server check box.
  2. In Address, specify the network name or IP address of the proxy server—for example: or
  3. In Port, specify the port number of the proxy server—for example: 80
  4. If the proxy server requires authentication, specify the credentials in User name and Password.
  5. To test the proxy server settings, click Test connection.

If you do not know the proxy server settings, contact your network administrator or Internet service provider for assistance.

Alternatively, you can try to take these settings from your Web browser’s configuration. This is how to find them in three popular browsers.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options. On the Connections tab, click LAN settings.
  • Mozilla Firefox. On the Tools menu, click Options and then click Advanced. On the Network tab, under Connection, click Settings.
  • Google Chrome. In Options, click Under the Hood. Under Network, click Change proxy settings.

Online backup proxy