Windows event log

This option is effective only in Windows operating systems.

This option is not available when operating under the bootable media.

This option defines whether the agent(s) operating on the managed machine have to log events in the Application Event Log of Windows (to see this log, run eventvwr.exe or select Control Panel > Administrative tools > Event Viewer). You can filter the events to be logged.

You can override the settings set here, exclusively for the events that occur during backup or during recovery, in the Default backup and recovery options. In this case, the settings set here will be effective for operations other than backup and recovery, such as archive validation or cleanup.

You can further override the settings set in the default backup and recovery options, when creating a backup plan or a recovery task. The settings you obtain in this case will be plan-specific or task-specific.

The preset is: Disabled.

To enable this option, select the Log events check box.

Use the Types of events to log check box to filter the events to be logged in the Application Event Log of Windows:

  • All events – all events (information, warnings and errors)
  • Errors and warnings
  • Errors only.

To disable this option, clear the Log events check box.

Windows event log