SNMP notifications

This option is effective for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

This option is not available when operating under the bootable media.

The option defines whether the agent(s) operating on the managed machine have to send the log events to the specified Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) managers. You can choose the types of events to be sent.

You can override the settings set here, exclusively for the events that occur during backup or during recovery, in the Default backup and recovery options. In this case, the settings set here will be effective for operations other than backup and recovery, such as archive validation or cleanup.

You can further override the settings set in the default backup and recovery options, when creating a backup plan or a recovery task. The settings you obtain in this case will be plan-specific or task-specific.

For detailed information about using SNMP with Acronis Backup & Recovery 10, please see “Support for SNMP“.

The preset is: Disabled.

To set up sending SNMP messages

  1. Select the Send messages to SNMP server check box.
  2. Specify the appropriate options as follows:
    • Types of events to send – choose the types of events: All events, Errors and warnings, or Errors only.
    • Server name/IP – type the name or IP address of the host running the SNMP management application, the messages will be sent to.
    • Community – type the name of the SNMP community to which both the host running SNMP management application and the sending machine belong. The typical community is “public”.

      Click Send test message to check if the settings are correct.

To disable sending SNMP messages, clear the Send messages to SNMP server check box.

The messages are sent over UDP.

The next section contains additional information about Setting up SNMP services on the receiving machine.

SNMP notifications