VM power management

These options are effective for virtual machines residing on the virtualization servers.

These options are available only if any Acronis agent for virtual machines is installed on the virtualization server.

  Power off target virtual machines when starting recovery  

The preset is: On.

Recovery to an existing virtual machine is not possible if the machine is online, and so the machine is powered off automatically as soon as the recovery task starts. Users will be disconnected from the machine and any unsaved data will be lost.

Clear the check box for this option if you prefer to power off virtual machines manually before the recovery.

   Power on the target virtual machine when recovery is completed  

The preset is: Off.

After a machine is recovered from a backup to another machine, there is a chance the existing machine’s replica will appear on the network. To be on the safe side, power on the recovered virtual machine manually, after you take the necessary precautions.

Select the check box for this option if automatic powering on of the virtual machine is required.

VM power management