Recovery priority

This option is effective for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

This option is not available when operating under the bootable media.

The priority of a process running in a system determines the amount of CPU and system resources allocated to that process. Decreasing the recovery priority will free more resources for other applications. Increasing the recovery priority might speed up the recovery process by requesting the operating system to allocate more resources to the application that will perform the recovery. However, the resulting effect will depend on the overall CPU usage and other factors like disk I/O speed or network traffic.

The preset is: Normal.

To specify the recovery process priority

Select one of the following:

  • Low – to minimize resources taken by the recovery process, leaving more resources to other processes running on the machine
  • Normal – to run the recovery process with normal speed, allocating resources on a par with other processes
  • High – to maximize the recovery process speed by taking resources from the other processes.

Recovery priority