Post-recovery command

To specify a command/executable file to be executed after the recovery is completed

  1. In the Command field, type a command or browse to a batch file.
  2. In the Working directory field, specify a path to a directory where the command/batch file will be executed.
  3. In the Arguments field, specify the command execution arguments, if required.
  4. If successful execution of the command is critical for you, select the Fail the task if the command execution fails check box. In case the command execution fails, the task run result will be set to Failed.

    When the check box is not selected, the command execution result does not affect the task execution failure or success. You can track the command execution result by exploring the log or the errors and warnings displayed on the Dashboard.

  5. Click Test command to check if the command is correct.

A post-recovery command will not be executed if the recovery proceeds with reboot.

Post-recovery command