Task start conditions

This option is effective in Windows and Linux operating systems.

This option is not available when operating under bootable media.

This option determines the program behavior in case a backup task is about to start (the scheduled time comes or the event specified in the schedule occurs), but the condition (or any of multiple conditions) is not met. For more information on conditions please see Scheduling and Conditions.

The preset is: Wait until the conditions are met.

  Wait until the conditions are met  

With this setting, the scheduler starts monitoring the conditions and launches the task as soon as the conditions are met. If the conditions are never met, the task will never start.

To handle the situation when the conditions are not met for too long and further delaying the backup is becoming risky, you can set the time interval after which the task will run irrespective of the condition. Select the Run the task anyway after check box and specify the time interval. The task will start as soon as the conditions are met OR the maximum time delay lapses, depending on which comes first.

Time diagram: Wait until conditions are met

Acronis Backup & Recovery 1091 Task start conditions

  Skip the task execution  

Delaying a backup might be unacceptable, for example, when you need to back up data strictly at the specified time. Then it makes sense to skip the backup rather than wait for the conditions, especially if the events occur relatively often.

Task start conditions