Pre/Post data capture commands

This option is effective for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

The option enables you to define the commands to be automatically executed before and after data capture (that is, taking the data snapshot) performed by Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 at the beginning of the backup procedure.

The following scheme illustrates when the pre/post data capture commands are executed.


<—————————— Backup —————————->


Pre-backup command

Pre-data capture command

Data capture

Post-data capture command


Post-backup command

If the Volume Shadow Copy Service option is enabled, the commands’ execution and the Microsoft VSS actions will be sequenced as follows:

“Before data capture” commands -> VSS Suspend -> Data capture -> VSS Resume -> “After data capture” commands.

Using the pre/post data capture commands, you can suspend and resume a database or application that is not compatible with VSS. As opposed to the Pre/Post commands, the pre/post data capture commands will be executed before and after the data capture process, which takes seconds, while the entire backup procedure may take much longer, depending on the amount of data to be backed up. Therefore, the database or application idle time will be minimal.

To specify pre/post data capture commands

  1. Enable pre/post data capture commands execution by checking the following options:
    • Execute before the data capture
    • Execute after the data capture
  2. Do any of the following:
    • Click Edit to specify a new command or a batch file
    • Select the existing command or the batch file from the drop-down list
  3. Click OK.

Pre/Post data capture commands