Messenger service (WinPopup)

This option is effective for Windows and Linux operating systems on the sending machine and only for Windows on the receiving machine.

This option is not available when operating under bootable media.

The option enables you to receive WinPopup notifications about the backup task’s successful completion, failure or need for interaction.

The preset is: Disabled.
Before configuring WinPopup notifications, make sure the Messenger service is started on both the machine executing the task and the machine that will receive messages.

The Messenger service is not started by default in the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family. Change the service Startup mode to Automatic and start the service.

To configure WinPopup notifications:

  1. Select the Send WinPopup notifications check box.
  2. In the Machine name field, enter the name of the machine to which notifications will be sent. Multiple names are not supported.

Under Send notifications, select the appropriate check boxes as follows:

  • When backup completes successfully – to send notification when the backup operation is completed successfully
  • When backup fails – to send notification when the backup operation is failed

The When user interaction is required check box – to send notification during the operation when user interaction is required – is always selected.

Click Send test WinPopup message to check if the settings are correct.

Messenger service (WinPopup)