Media components

This option is effective for both Windows and Linux operating systems, when the backup destination is removable media.

When backing up to removable media, you can make this media work as regular Linux-based bootable media by writing additional components to it. As a result, you will not need a separate rescue disc.

Acronis Backup & Recovery close Media components

A physical media (CD, DVD, USB flash drive or other media supported by a machine BIOS as a boot device) that contains the bootable agent or Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) with the Acronis Plug-in for WinPE. A machine can also be booted into the above environments using the network boot from Acronis PXE Server or Microsoft Remote Installation Service (RIS). These servers with uploaded bootable components can also be thought of as a kind of bootable media.

Bootable media is most often used to:

  • recover an operating system that cannot start
  • access and back up the data that has survived in a corrupted system
  • deploy an operating system on bare metal
  • create basic or dynamic volumes on bare metal
  • back up sector-by-sector a disk that has an unsupported file system
  • back up offline any data that cannot be backed up online because of restricted access, being permanently locked by the running applications or for any other reason.

The preset is: None selected.

Select the check boxes for the components you want to put on the bootable media:

  • One-Click Restore is the minimal addition to a disk backup stored on removable media, allowing for easy recovery from this backup. If you boot a machine from the media and click Run Acronis One-click Restore, the disk will be immediately recovered from the backup contained on the same media.

    Caution: Because the one-click approach does not presume user selections, such as selecting volumes to recover, Acronis One-Click Restore always recovers the entire disk. If your disk contains several volumes and you are planning to use Acronis One-Click Restore, include all the volumes in the backup. Any volumes missing from the backup will be lost.

  • Bootable agent is a bootable rescue utility (based on Linux kernel) that includes most of the functionality of the Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 agent. Put this component on the media if you want more functionality during recovery. You will be able to configure the recovery operation in the same way as under regular bootable media; use Active Restore or Universal Restore. If the media is being created in Windows, the disk management functionality will also be available.

Media components