File-level backup snapshot

This option is effective only for file-level backup in Windows and Linux operating systems.

This option defines whether to back up files one by one or by taking an instant data snapshot.

Note: Files that are stored on network shares are always backed up one by one.

The preset is: Create snapshot if it is possible.

Select one of the following:

  • Always create a snapshot

    The snapshot enables backing up of all files including files opened for exclusive access. The files will be backed up at the same point in time. Choose this setting only if these factors are critical, that is, backing up files without a snapshot does not make sense. To use a snapshot, the backup plan has to run under the account with the Administrator or Backup Operator privileges. If a snapshot cannot be taken, the backup will fail.

  • Create a snapshot if it is possible

    Back up files directly if taking a snapshot is not possible.

  • Do not create a snapshot

    Always back up files directly. Administrator or Backup Operator privileges are not required. Trying to back up files that are opened for exclusive access will result in a read error. Files in the backup may be not time-consistent.

File-level backup snapshot