Compression level

This option is effective for Windows and Linux operating systems and bootable media.

The option defines the level of compression applied to the data being backed up.

The preset is: Normal.

The optimal data compression level depends on the type of data being backed up. For example, even maximum compression will not significantly reduce the archive size if the archive contains essentially compressed files, such as .jpg, .pdf or .mp3. However, formats such as .doc or .xls will be compressed well.

To specify the compression level

Select one of the following:

  • None – the data will be copied as is, without any compression. The resulting backup size will be maximal.
  • Normal – recommended in most cases.
  • High – the resulting backup size will typically be less than for the Normal level.
  • Maximum – the data will be compressed as much as possible. The backup duration will be maximal. You may want to select maximum compression when backing up to removable media to reduce the number of blank disks required.

Compression level