Network connection speed

This option is effective for Windows and Linux operating systems and bootable media.

This option is available when a location on the network (network share, managed vault or an FTP/SFTP server) is selected as the backup destination.

The option defines the amount of network connection bandwidth allocated for transferring the backup data.

By default the speed is set to maximum, i.e. the software uses all the network bandwidth it can get when transferring the backup data. Use this option to reserve a part of the network bandwidth to other network activities.

The preset is: Maximum.

To set the network connection speed for backup

Do any of the following:

  • Click Transferring speed stated as a percentage of the estimated maximum speed of the network connection, and then drag the slider or type a percentage in the box
  • Click Transferring speed stated in kilobytes per second, and then enter the bandwidth limit for transferring backup data in kilobytes per second.

Network connection speed