Terminology reference

The following is the list of terms related to the Acronis Backup & Recovery Online service.

  Activate a subscription  

Allow the machine to use the online storage according to the subscription. Subscription period starts counting down when the subscription is activated.

  Activated subscription  

A subscription that is currently being used by a machine.

  Assign a subscription to a machine  

Reserve a subscription for a particular machine. Subscription period does not start counting down until the subscription is activated.

  Assigned subscription  

A subscription that has been assigned to a machine.

  Available subscription  

A subscription that is not assigned to any machine.

  Extra service  

A service that you can use in addition to online backup subscriptions.

  Initial Seeding  

An extra service that enables you to save an initial full backup locally and then send it to Acronis on a hard disk drive. Acronis uploads the backup to the online storage. After that, you can add incremental backups to this full backup, either manually or on a schedule.

  Large Scale Recovery  

An extra service that enables you to obtain a copy of the backups you have in the online storage. You can then recover data from this copy.


Not to be confused with Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 product license.

Permission for a machine to use an extra service of Acronis Backup & Recovery Online.

You can buy Initial Seeding licenses and/or Large Scale Recovery licenses.

  Reassign a subscription  

Assign a subscription that is already activated, to a different machine.

  Registration code  

A character string for registering a subscription or license that was bought from an Acronis partner.

When you purchase such subscriptions or licenses, you receive a confirmation e-mail containing the registration codes for each of them. You then enter the registration codes on the account management Web page, and these subscriptions and licenses become available for use.

  Renew a subscription  

Assign a subscription that has the same storage quota as the current, activated subscription.

This subscription will become activated as soon as the current subscription expires.

  Storage quota  

The amount of storage space that a machine can use according to the subscription.


Permission for a machine to use a specific amount of space in the online storage for a specific period of time.

  Subscription period  

The period during which the subscription remains activated. You can back up and recover the machine during this period. Recovery is possible for extra 30 days after this period ends.

  Unassign a subscription  

Make an assigned subscription available again.

You can unassign a subscription as long as it is not activated.

Terminology reference