Limitations of the online storage

Unlike other types of storage available in Acronis Backup & Recovery 10, the online storage has the following limitations.


The following operations are not possible.

Backup operations:

  • Backing up from bootable media
  • Backing up under Linux
  • Creating differential backups
  • Using the Grandfather-Father-Son (GFS), Tower of Hanoi, and Custom backup schemes
  • Simplified naming of backup files
  • Converting a backup to a virtual machine

Recovery operation:

  • Recovering a backup as a virtual machine

Operations with backups:

  • Exporting a backup
  • Mounting a backup

Operation with archives (an archive is a set of backups):

  • Exporting an archive

These limitations also apply to backing up data using Initial Seeding and to recovering data using Large Scale Recovery.

  Backup and recovery options  

Some backup and recovery options are not supported by online backups. For example:

By using the Backup performance > Network connection speed option, you can vary the transferring speed as kilobytes per second, but not as a percentage.

  Command-line mode  

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 command-line utilities do not support online backup.

Limitations of the online storage