Reassigning an activated subscription

Sometimes you may want to use an already activated subscription instead of an available subscription. In these cases, for example:

  • You no longer need to back up one of your machines and you want to reuse that machine’s subscription for another machine.
  • You reinstalled Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 on a machine and want to resume its online backups.
  • You recovered a machine to bare metal (or to a state when it did not yet have an activated subscription) and want to resume its online backups.

Reassigning a subscription does not restart its subscription period.

To assign an activated subscription to a machine

  1. On the machine to which you want to assign an activated subscription, go to the subscription activation window.
  2. From Activated subscriptions, select the activated subscription that you want to reassign to the machine.
  3. Click Activate now.

The diagram below shows what happens if you reassign a subscription to a different machine. Let’s assume Machine 1 has four backups in Subscription 1. Machine 2 has two backups in Subscription 2. At that point, you reassign Subscription 1 to Machine 2. Machine 2 does its third backup to Subscription 1.

Depending on your settings, this backup will be either full or incremental. But its size is not likely to be less than a full backup size. Therefore, it is not practical to reassign a subscription to a machine whose first backup was done as an initial seeding. You will need to either redo the initial seeding (which requires a new license) or to transfer the sizeable backup over the Internet.

Acronis Backup & Recovery 11205 Reassigning an activated subscription

All earlier created backups remain intact. You can delete them manually if necessary. Keep in mind though, backups can be deleted from a subscription only by the machine to which the subscription is assigned. In our example, you have the following options.

Before reassigning

Delete backups from Subscription 1 using Machine 1 (if it is available and turned on). Delete backups from Subscription 2 using Machine 2.

After reassigning

Delete backups from Subscription 1 using Machine 2. You cannot delete backups from Subscription 2, unless you assign this subscription to any machine.

Reassigning an activated subscription