Importing a task

Instead of importing the tasks from Acronis True Image Echo as a whole, you can use the upgrade tool to import a particular backup or validation task.

Note: The tasks that back up data to Acronis Backup Server or validate archives stored on it cannot be imported.

Acronis True Image Echo stores each task as a .tis file. By default, these files are located in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Acronis\TrueImage\Scripts (in Windows) or in the directory /etc/Acronis/TrueImage/Scripts (in Linux).

The names of the .tis files are Universally Unique Identifiers (UUIDs), such as 6AED5F49-7EED-4E3E-939E-19360A44137F.tib.tis. Each file has the XML format. The <display> tag in the file specifies the task name as it appears in the list of tasks.

To import a task

  1. Determine the file name of the task that you want to import—for example, by examining the content of the <display> tag.
  2. Change the current folder to the one where the upgrade tool is installed.
  3. Run the following command, specifying the file name of the task:
    • In Windows:

      cscript UpgradeTool.vbs Script -f “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Acronis\TrueImage\Scripts\6AED5F49-7EED-4E3E-939E-19360A44137F.tib.tis”

    • In Linux:

      ./ Script -f /etc/Acronis/TrueImage/Scripts/6AED5F49-7EED-4E3E-939E-19360A44137F.tib.tis”

As a result, the task is imported as an Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 task and becomes part of a backup plan.

Importing a task