Changing a license

By changing the license, you switch to a different version or edition of the product. The following table summarizes the available options.

Switching a license

Why you may need it

trial > full

Upgrade from trial to full product version

trial > trial different edition

Define the edition that better fits your needs

trial > full different edition

The edition you bought differs from the edition of the trial version

You can also enable Acronis Deduplication and Acronis Universal Restore by using additional licenses, if these are available for the version and edition you are switching to.

Switching between advanced and standalone editions is not possible.

  Changing a license in advanced editions  

Before switching to a full version of an advanced edition

First of all, make sure that full license keys are added (imported) to Acronis License Server.

Acronis Deduplication is always enabled in trial product versions. If you want to continue using this functionality, please do not forget to:

  1. Purchase Acronis Deduplication licenses
  2. Import the Acronis Deduplication license keys to the license server
  3. Use one Acronis Deduplication license for every machine where Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 is upgraded to the full version.

You can do this later at any time, however, until that time backup to deduplicating vaults will fail.

To change a license in advanced editions:

  1. Do either of the following:
    • Connect the console to the machine and click Help > Change license.
    • Connect the console to the management server, navigate to All physical machines or to another group that displays the machine whose license you want to change, right-click the machine, and then click Change license.
  2. Do either of the following:
    • Specify the license server and then select the edition to switch to. If the Acronis Deduplication or Acronis Universal Restore licenses for this edition are available on the license server, specify whether to use each of these licenses.
    • Enter the trial license key.

To change licenses on multiple machines, we recommend using the remote installation functionality. For more information, see Remote installation (Windows).

  Changing a license in standalone editions  

To change a license:

  1. Click Help > Change license.
  2. Enter the new license key. If you have a license key for Acronis Universal Restore, you can add it here.

    Please do not forget that you cannot enable Acronis Universal Restore while using a trial product version.

Changing a license