Unattended uninstallation in Windows

To uninstall a component or feature of Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 in the unattended mode, you need to run the msiexec utility. This utility uses the corresponding installation package (an .msi file).

When you uninstall a component that uses a license, Acronis License Server will revoke the license, provided that the license server is available.

To uninstall a component or feature

  1. Extract the corresponding installation package to a folder or a network share.
  2. Run the following command (here, the installation package is assumed to be AcronisAgentWindows.msi, saved in the \\myserver\share network share):

    msiexec /uninstall \\myserver\share\AcronisAgentWindows.msi /qb

  Uninstalling an agent  

When you uninstall Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Agent for Windows, we recommend first uninstalling its features and then the agent itself.

For example, if the agent is installed with the Tray Monitor and Universal Restore features, run uninstallation commands in the following order:

  msiexec /uninstall \\myserver\share\AcronisTrayMonitor.msi /qb
msiexec /uninstall \\myserver\share\AcronisUniversalRestore.msi /qb
msiexec /uninstall \\myserver\share\AcronisAgentWindows.msi /qb
  Uninstalling the license server  

If you need to uninstall the Acronis License Server, you should do so after uninstalling all agents that use it. Also keep in mind that the license server may be used by other Acronis products.

To uninstall the license server, run the following command (change the path if needed):

  msiexec /uninstall \\myserver\share\AcronisLicenseServer.msi /qb  

Unattended uninstallation in Windows