Deleting ESX/ESXi Virtual Appliance

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Management Server provides an easy way to remove Agent for ESX/ESXi from ESX or ESXi servers. You might generally prefer that method to the procedure described later in this section.
Connect the console to the management server. In the Navigation tree, right click Virtual machines, then click Remove ESX agent. Refer to the context help for further instructions.

You may need to manually delete the Agent for ESX/ESXi Virtual Appliance in the following cases:

  • The VA is not registered on the management server
  • You are not using vCenter Server or integration with vCenter Server is not enabled
  • The VA is corrupted.

To remove Agent for ESX/ESXi Virtual Appliance (VA) manually:

  1. Start VMware Infrastructure/vSphere Client and log on to the ESX/ESXi host or to vCenter Server.
  2. Power off the VA.
  3. Right click the VA and select Edit settings.
  4. Make sure the VA has only 4 hard disks.

    If there are more than 4 hard disks, this means that some of the guest system volumes are not unmounted from the VA. Native disks of the VA have numbers from 1 to 4 and either 5 GB or 1 MB size. Unmount the non-native disks as follows:

    1. Select this disk and click Remove
    2. Make sure the Remove from virtual machine option is selected

      Be sure not to choose the second option – Remove from virtual machine and delete files from disk. If you do, the disk will be removed not only from the VA but from the source virtual machine as well.

    3. Repeat steps “a” and “b” for all non-native disks
    4. Click OK to confirm the deletion.
  5. Right-click the VA and select Delete from disk.
  6. Remove the VA from the management server. Skip this step if the appliance is not registered on the management server or has been already removed.

    To remove the VA, connect to the management server, right-click the VA in the All physical machines list, and then click Delete machine from AMS.

The Virtual Edition license on the license server will not be freed up automatically. Revoke it manually from this host using the Manage licenses tool if you need to free up the license.

Deleting ESX/ESXi Virtual Appliance