Install Acronis License Server and import the licenses. You can skip this step when using a trial license key or when installing the product for online backup only.

To install the license server:

  1. Start the setup program.
  2. Click Install Acronis License Server.
  3. Accept the terms of the license agreement.
  4. Click Import keys from file… and specify the file containing the list of license keys. You can specify multiple files one by one or enter the license keys manually.

    Details. You will be able to import additional license keys later at any moment, by specifying a file containing the keys or by typing them in manually.

  5. Use the default values for Install to: and Install for:
  6. Proceed with installation.

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 uses TCP port 9876 for local installation and for communication between components. The setup program automatically opens this port through Windows Firewall. If you use a different firewall, make sure that the port is open for both incoming and outgoing requests through that firewall.