Location selection

To select a location

Enter the full path to the location in the Path field or select the desired location in the folders tree.

  • To select a centralized vault, expand the Centralized group and click the appropriate vault.
  • To select a personal vault, expand the Personal group and click the appropriate vault.
  • To select a local folder (CD/DVD drive, or locally attached tape device), expand the Local folders group and click the required folder.
  • To select a network share, expand the Network folders group, select the required networked machine and then click the shared folder. If the network share requires access credentials, the program will ask for them.
  • To select FTP or SFTP server, expand the corresponding group and click the appropriate folder on the server.

According to the original FTP specification, credentials required for access to FTP servers are transferred through a network as plaintext. This means that the user name and password can be intercepted by an eavesdropper using a packet sniffer.

  Using the archives table  

To assist you with choosing the right location, the table displays the names of the archives contained in each location you select. While you are reviewing the location content, archives can be added, deleted or modified by another user or by the program itself according to scheduled operations. Use the Refresh button to refresh the list of archives.

Location selection