Recovering the storage node

In addition to backing up data to centralized vaults managed by Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Storage Node, you may want to perform a disk backup of the machine where the storage node itself is installed.

This section describes how to recover the storage node registered on the management server in case the storage node and the management server are installed on different machines (if they are installed on the same machine, simply recover that machine).

Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a machine with the management server and a machine with the storage node.
  • The storage node is registered on the management server.
  • You backed up the machine with the storage node earlier, and have just recovered it—either on the same machine or on a different machine.

Before using the recovered storage node, follow these steps:

  • If you have recovered the storage node on the same machine and no centralized vaults managed by the storage node have been added or removed between the backup and recovery, do nothing.
  • Otherwise, do the following:
    1. Connect to the management server and remove the storage node from it.

      Note: All vaults managed by the storage node will also be removed from the management server. No archives will be lost.

    2. Add the storage node to the management server again, by specifiying the machine on which the recovered storage node is installed.
    3. Re-create the necessary managed vaults.

Recovering the storage node