Volume destination

To specify a destination volume:

  1. Select a volume or unallocated space where you want the selected volume to be recovered to. The destination volume/unallocated space should be at least the same size as the uncompressed image data.
  2. Click OK.

All the data stored on the target volume will be replaced by the backed up data, so be careful and watch out for non-backed-up data that you might need.

  When using bootable media  

Disk letters seen under Windows-style bootable media might differ from the way Windows identifies drives. For example, the D: drive in the rescue utility might correspond to the E: drive in Windows.

Be careful! To be on the safe side, it is advisable to assign unique names to the volumes.

The Linux-style bootable media shows local disks and volumes as unmounted (sda1, sda2…).

Volume destination