Disks/volumes selection

To select a backup and disks/volumes to recover:

  1. Select one of the successive backups by its creation date and time. Thus, you can revert the disk data to a certain moment in time.

    Specify the items to recover. By default, all items of the selected backup will be selected. If you do not want to recover certain items, just uncheck them.
    To obtain information on a disk/volume, right-click it and then click Information.

  2. Click OK.
  Selecting an MBR  

You will usually select the disk’s MBR if:

  • The operating system cannot boot
  • The disk is new and does not have an MBR
  • Recovering custom or non-Windows boot loaders (such as LILO and GRUB)
  • The disk geometry is different to that stored in the backup.

There are probably other times when you may need to recover the MBR, but the above are the most common.

When recovering the MBR of one disk to another Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 recovers Track 0, which does not affect the target disk’s partition table and partition layout. Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 automatically updates Windows loaders after recovery, so there is no need to recover the MBR and Track 0 for Windows systems, unless the MBR is damaged.

Disks/volumes selection