Managing mounted images

Once a volume is mounted, you can browse files and folders contained in the backup using a file manager and copy the desired files to any destination. Thus, if you need to take out only a few files and folders from a volume backup, you do not have to perform the recovery procedure.

  Exploring images  

Exploring mounted volumes lets you view and modify (if mounted in the read/write mode) the volume’s content.

To explore a mounted volume select it in the table and click Acronis Backup & Recovery 1701 Managing mounted images Explore. The default file manager window opens, allowing the user to examine the mounted volume contents.

  Unmounting images  

Maintaining the mounted volumes takes considerable system resources. It is recommended that you unmount the volumes after the necessary operations are completed. If not unmounted manually, a volume will remain mounted until the operating system restarts.

To unmount an image, select it in the table and click Acronis Backup & Recovery 3984 Managing mounted images Unmount.

To unmount all the mounted volumes, click Acronis Backup & Recovery 3985 Managing mounted images Unmount all.

Managing mounted images